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Our Philosophy

Our programs provide play based learning experiences led by qualified Early Childhood Educators. 

Children are unique, active learners with inborn intelligence that develops gradually.  We offer opportunities for development in all areas; social, intellectual, language, emotional and physical.  We provide an environment with enough scope to meet the needs of children at various levels of development.  Through stimulating activities and exposure to interesting materials and equipment, your child should become more confident, learn to communicate more effectively, to explore, solve problems, and become more independent. 

Our programs offer flexible daily schedules that include music, physical activity, outdoor time, literacy, art, science, math, free play, as well as small and large group-structured activities.

Our centres provide a loving, caring and responsive atmosphere for your child.  Educators are available to meet the needs of each child at all times.  Children will enjoy the process of learning through a fun-filled day.

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Our Locations

We have centres in Gander, Glenwood, Lewisporte, Springdale and Churchill Falls.

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"Early Childhood Education is the key to the betterment of society"

Maria Montessori

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