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Our Program

New Fun Land Ltd. is licensed by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador under the Child Care Services Act and Regulations (2017). The centres are regularly inspected by Service NL Fire and Life Safety, Environmental Health, as well as Social Workers and Child Care Consultants from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

New Fun Land is privately owned. All employees are certified Early Childhood Educators with up to date first aid and police record checks.


The program at New Fun Land is based on Emergent Curriculum. The ideas for our environment, equipment, activities and planned learning experiences come from the children themselves.  We learn about the interests of the children in our care in order to promote learning with fun and engaging activities. The program is developmentally appropriate for all children. The environment will be warm, caring, and supportive using equality and respect as the foundation to a healthy social environment. Educators will treat all children equal and respect each one as an individual.  We will do this by giving children choices, encouraging them to solve their own problems and to take ownership and responsibility within their environment. This approach creates mutual respect, builds self-esteem and self-control. When mutual respect is instilled, the centre becomes a safe, understanding, and compassionate place for everyone involved.


Children are unique, active learners with inborn intelligence that develops gradually.  We offer opportunities for development in all areas; social, intellectual, language, emotional and physical.  We provide an environment with enough scope to meet the needs of children at various levels of development.  Through stimulating activities and exposure to interesting materials and equipment, your child should become more confident, learn to communicate more effectively, to explore, solve problems and become more independent. 

Our programs offer flexible daily schedules that include music, physical activity, outdoor time, literacy, art, science, math, free play, as well as small and large group-structured activities.

Our centres provide a loving, caring and responsive atmosphere for your child.  Educators are available to meet the needs of each child at all times.  Children will enjoy the process of learning through a fun-filled day.


The primary goal of the child care centre is to provide quality early learning and child care services with an emphasis on enhancing children’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and social development.  The program provides an environment and experiences that will allow your child to thrive. We strive to meet the following goals, as well as many others.

1. Teach children to learn to interact with each other and to value their rights and the rights of others.

2. Provide a stimulating learning environment and setting for the children.

3. Help children develop an interest and joy in learning.

4. Support children to learn independence.

5. Provide children with the tools to learn appropriate behaviour: grow abilities to channel destructive impulses; to turn aggression into hard work; talk instead of hit; understand the difference between feeling angry and acting angry.

6. Nurture the child to become a healthy, happy, and productive adult in society.

7. Promote creativity.

8. Build self control.

9. Encourage self expression.

10. Instill security and a feeling of success.

11. Help children make a successful transition from home.

12. Help them develop self-identity and to view themselves as having competence and worth.

13. Celebrate children’s natural inclination to be curious, have a sense of wonder, and seek answers to questions.

14. Sharpen and widen listening and speaking skills.

15. Strengthen physical abilities, using gross and fine motor skills.

16. Build relationships with peers and expand on prosocial behaviours.


The management of New Fun Land works to maintain a consistently high level of quality and professionalism across all of our programs. Please contact us to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Mary Watkins, Manager

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"For children, play is as natural as breathing - and as necessary."

Mimi Brodsky Chenfeld

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